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Katy Perry to get a mobile game, similar to ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’

New York City(AFP): Glu Mobile, creators of the hugely popular mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, have announced that they’re going to be developing a similar game for pop idol Katy Perry

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Following her Superbowl half-time performance this past week, Glu Mobile has announced that they plan to release a mobile game featuring Katy Perry’s “voice, likeness, and personality” and will play in a similar way to the Kim Kardashian version. However, instead of fashion, the focus here will likely be on climbing the career and fame ladder in the music industry. While many gamers (this one included) have derided the time-sink that is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the fact remains that it is Glu Mobiles highest grossing title yet, with over 28.4 million downloads and US $74.3 million spent on the in-game currency “K Coins,” despite only being released in June last year. You can expect Katy Perry’s game to hit app stores near the year’s fourth quarter.

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