PIL seeks actions against YouTube and organiser of AIB Knockout

MUMBAI(WEB TEAM): A law professor has moved the Bombay high court seeking directions to the authorities to take action against the organisers of stand-up comedy show known as the AIB Knockout, and sought that guidelines be framed to ensure regulating and controlling of such shows.

What has the petitioner asked for?
Dr Sharmila Ghughe requested the court to hear her plea on Friday, but the hearing has been kept for Monday. The PIL states that the show will not only adversely affect the young minds but will have an unfathomable sweeping effect on the social fabric of the nation.

On what grounds has the plea been filed?
It further reads: “The petitioner is seeking indulgence of this court to issue directives in the larger public interest, so that the laws are adhered to protect the essence of dignity of women, maintain decent behaviour in the society and to assure that the quintessence of democracy is not compromised in the name of comedy and entertainment.”

Has any group been affected by the show’s remarks?
The PIL also mentions that India being the largest democracy, it is not only important to monitor but uproot any act or statement which is in furtherance of lowering the dignity of women. The use of smutty and vulgar gestures during the show and indecorous and undignified remarks on women with reference to rape violates Section 23 of the Indecent Representation of Women’s Act.

Which section has YouTube apparently violated?
The PIL prays for direction to the Union of India to monitor the videos uploaded on YouTube and restrict uploading such videos in future, which adversely affects the public at large, and to take suitable action against the intermediaries i.e. YouTube for violation of Section 79 of the Information Technology Act, 2000.