Anushka Sharma’s ‘NH10’ trailer is gritty and engaging

Anushka Sharma recently launched the ‘NH10’ trailer, which looks extremely intriguing… Gone are the days of fluffy film making. With content oriented films making their way in the industry more often now and some prominent faces from the fraternity giving the glitz and glamour a miss, Bollywood is definitely in a happy place now. Anushka Sharma’s NH10 also falls in the bracket of such films.

From the trailer released on Thursday, what can be gauged is that NH10 is unlike any other Anushka Sharma starrer. Diametrically opposite to what she has done in the past, NH10 is the story of a couple who embark on a road trip and their lives take a different turn altogether. but there’s no looking back. While Anushka fights all alone, she just knows one things: ‘To battle the killers, you need to become one yourself’.

Gritty, engaging and extremely intriguing, the trailer hardly gives out anything, keeping the curiosity intact and given that is a smartly made small budgeted flick, it would not be surprise if it turns out a winner! Action sequences to a fair amount of bloodshed, the film’s trailer has received an A certificate and the film too will possibly be rated in the similar fashion.

Catch the trailer right here: