Arun Jaitley takes on AAP, says those 49 days were nightmare

New Delhi(ANI): In a last ditch attempt to drum up support for BJP, Union Minister Arun Jaitley slammed AAP on the eve of the Assembly polls in Delhi on Friday.

Jaitley said that if BJP symbolises development, AAP stands for anarchy. Union Finance Minister said that Kiran Bedi has a proven credentials He said that AAP is a party which is more comfortable in roads than secretariat.

Jaitley rejected the notion that it is a referendum. He said that the election is an election and referendum is a referendum. Hence there is a distinction.

He accused AAP of trying to scuttle Republic Day programme last year and also said that Kejriwal lead party sided with suspected terrorists rather than aligning with police. Reacting on Obama’s jibe about religious intolerance, Jaitley said,

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