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AAP donor rubbishes allegations against party, asks AVAM to explain

NEW DELHI(PTI): An AAP donor, who had contributed US $1,000 to it, on Wednesday rubbished allegations against the party on the donation issue and said civil as well as criminal action were being initiated against the leader of AAP breakaway group AVAM for levelling false charges.

Jaskirat Mann also accused the AVAM (AAP Volunteer Action Manch) of displaying fake cheques at a press conference on Tuesday and challenged the group to substantiate their claims within 24 hours. “I have already filed a defamation case. I have given a composite notice for civil as well as criminal action against Mr Gopal Goyal of AVAM,” Mann, who made the donation along with her husband from Canada two months ago, said when asked about the allegations.

Calling allegations against AAP of receiving Rs 2 crore last year through four “dubious” companies a conspiracy, she said the cheques shown by AVAM to media were fake. AAP has strongly rejected the allegations. “Fake cheques were presented by AVAM or whoever that person who has given them to AVAM. So I want clarification from AVAM within 24 hours. They have to show me where these cheques have been deposited,” she said.
At a press conference on Tuesday, the group had produced two undated cheques bearing no name and claimed that these “cheques were also being used for money laundering” by the party.

When asked about the authenticity of the cheques, the AVAM refused to clarify. “I have already brought my statements with my account number. So I want AVAM to give their explanation. It is not a confusion. It is definitely a conspiracy by some party or individual,” she said. Mann said it was totally wrong to malign AAP on the issue. “I do not understand why media is involving AAP in it because if the cheque is a fake cheque, then AAP has nothing to do with it,” she said.

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