Google set to develop ‘ride-sharing’ app

Google is reportedly working on a ride-sharing service that will allow people to catch a lift from one of its driverless cars, a report said. According to The Verge, Google’s chief legal officer, David Drummond, who is on Uber’s board of directors, has informed them that the company is considering stepping into the ride-sharing space.

Uber’s board is also reported to have seen screenshots of Google’s app, which is apparently being used by its employees.

The move may prompt Uber to consider asking Drummond to resign as the taxi-hailing service gears itself to develop self-driving cars that would join its taxi fleet. However, a decision on whether to request his resignation has not yet been taken, the report said.

If Google introduces shared driverless cars, then it may allow car owners to set their vehicles to act as taxis while they aren’t using them.