Creative T3250, Woof 2 and Muvo Mini Review: Bluetooth speakers for your every need

Mumbai, Gwyn D’Mello: Music is a thing best enjoyed bone-jarringly loud, in my opinion. But while not everyone may nod their approval of that, we can all agree that clarity and power make the experience that much better. But just because you don’t have a lovingly assembled home theatre system, you shouldn’t be missing out right? Enter bluetooth speakers.

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For the kids fresh out of college, moving to a new place with not a lot of money to splurge, portable speakers can be a godsend. Affordable, easily transported, and even easier to setup, they’re as good for an impromptu dance party at a friend’s place as they are to watch a movie at home. We got to try out a set of speakers from Creative, a pretty well known name in the market for PC audio devices. Here’s what we thought:

Creative T3250

This baby is the biggest of the three, not meant for moving around really, but it’s still possible if necessary. A pair of satellite speakers and subwoofer, this entire setup still weighs in at only 1.6kg. Packed with 30W of power and a 2.1 channel system, it has your standard 3.5mm jack alongside Bluetooth 3.0. Great power on this thing, for its size, but the clarity is a little above average. Depending on what you’re listening to, you might also want to cushion the underside to minimise vibration. It also has a handy audio control pod, a wired-in remote that acts as your power switch, as well as the volume control. It’s so easy to set up, you won’t even need that manual. Of course, by virtue of its size, this speaker requires an uninterrupted power source, most often relegating it to only desktop use. You can think of buying this if you need a woofer/speaker combo for your gaming sessions, movie marathons at home, or just easy listening. If you like to take your music to places outside your home, look elsewhere.
Price: Rs 4,200

Creative Woof 2

The Woof 2 is a micro-sized wireless speaker that still manages to deliver a punch. At just 276g, with a pyramid design, it sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC-enabled, it also has a 3.5mm auxiliary output. You can use the built-in microphone to turn the device into a speaker phone; a button at the top toggles the Bluetooth, and also acts as an ‘answer’ button when you get a call.
The device is completely wireless, and promises a playback time of 6 hours, which the Woof 2 delivered. Once it’s low on charge, you can just plug it in via micro USB and keep going. The speaker also has built-in music control buttons to play, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume levels. Buy this if you’re looking for a speaker you can carry around in your pocket (albeit a deep pocket)
Price: Rs 3,000

Creative MUVO Mini

The Muvo Mini is similar to the Woof 2 in capabilities and performance, with Bluetooth 3.0, NFC-enabled, , micro USB charging and a 3.5mm auxiliary out. It also has a built-in mic, to double as a speaker phone. What sets it apart however is that the device is marketed as a “weather resistant” speaker. Resistant to water splashes and dust, the speaker is touted to last a good 10 hours, but it falls at least 2 hours short of that goal. However, sound quality is comparable to the Woof 2, though lacking in the power of the former. Feel free to pick up this gizmo if you’re the kind to enjoy private pool parties or like taking your music on road trips into the wilderness.
Price: Rs 4,000