Pakistan trying to create internal disorder in India says Former Army Chief

New Delhi(PTI): Former Army Chief General (Retd) Bikram Singh on Tuesday said that Pakistan’s efforts to create internal disorder and insurgencies in India were “just the pinpricks”.

Singh, who delivered a lecture at the Punjabi University in Patiala, however said there was no threat to India’s security from any country as no nation can afford to wage a war “just for the heck” of it. He said that multi-pronged readiness was always necessary to give a suitable reply to the enemy for which Indian Army was prepared on every account.

The former army chief said the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and some of the north-eastern states was improving even as Pakistan was taking advantage of porous Indian border and indulging in smuggling of arms, extortion, counterfeit currency and drugs. He noted that India was an emerging global power and that could be a worrying factor its neighbours.

Singh also stressed on strengthening the intelligence and law and order machineries in all the states to effectively thwart any attempt of challenging the internal security.

“To cater to future challenges to our internal security canvass, it is imperative to strengthen the intelligence and law and order machineries in all states besides revitalising the border management to prevent illegal migration and infiltration by inimical elements,” he said.

Singh noted that the use of “hard power” in the internal security arena should be minimal, calibrated and done with the sole purpose of restoring the rule of law and state authority.

“Political, diplomatic, social and economic initiatives must start at the earliest to address the root causes of the internal security problem,” he added.