Narendra Modi government ‘cementing’ India as ‘subordinate’ ally of US, says Sitaram Yechury

New Delhi(PTI): US President Barack Obama’s India visit will be followed up by “greater neo-liberal reforms” in the country, CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury on Monday said as he accused the NDA government of cementing India’s position as a ‘subordinate ally’ of America.

“Already, within the first six months, the Narendra Modi government has undertaken many reforms going to the extent of undermining parliamentary democracy and virtually institutionalising the ‘ordinance raj’.

“…Clearly, the people are being forewarned of the greater burdens that will fall on them as a result of this greater thrust for more neo-liberal reforms,” Yechury’s editorial in the latest issue of the party mouthpiece ‘People’s Democracy’ said.

Hitting out at Modi government’s growing ties with the US, the Rajya Sabha MP said that the people of the country are “now being sold the illusory promises of ache din aanewale hain (good days are coming) on the basis of such IMF and World Bank forecasts of our economic growth.”

He said the government’s invitation to Obama conveys a “strong signal” to the world that India is cementing its position as a “subordinate ally” of US imperialism.

“This is a significant shift that will shape the demise of India’s long-held faith in pursuing an independent foreign policy.

“While India has and shall continue to develop friendly relations with all countries in the world, India’s foreign policy must always be dictated by its ‘enlightened national interests’, the crux of which is the solidarity with the developing world in resisting global domination by any power,” Yechury said.