Twitter declares war on passwords, releases ‘Digits’ login for app developers

Twitter released a developer kit  that allows mobile app developers with companion websites to use its Digits phone number login platform.

The users can type in the phone number and then they will receive  one-time confirmation number via text.

Digit is a free tool which twitter offers in 28 languages and most countries in the world. A report by ZDNet says that Digits enables mobile app developers to pulg in a single line of code in order to allow their users to log in to the app using their phone numbers hence reducing the stress of remembering all the passwords.

However, app users still have to first sign up through an app as usual prior to logging in to its website.

Once a user has been successfully authenticated via a website powered by Digits, the platform will omit an SMS confirmation the next time that user logs in to any other sites that are also powered by Digits. Digits login for web gives users a powerful, single-log-in experience that also increases the conversion rate for logins says Twitter blog