Obama’s visit shows sea change in India-US relationship, says former foreign secretary

New Delhi(ANI): Former foreign secretary Shashank said on Saturday that US President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to India depicts a sea change in the relationship between the two countries.

“Above everything else, this shows a sea change in the relationship between India and United States. I do not say that we have already reached where we should have; objectives are too many, but anyway I think a firm foundation has been laid for a new relationship,” he said.

“Now, it’s no longer just the UPA Government or the coalition Government run by BJP, it is a single party Government of BJP and a non- Congress party for the first time in India which is setting up this relationship with United States. The US has responded very warmly to it despite the fact that earlier they had their misgivings about the BJP leadership. So, I think it’s a sea change in the relationship,” he added.

Throwing light on the relationship between the two leaders, the former foreign secretary said: “One saw good tuning between Obama and Narendra Modi when he visited the United States and he interacted so well not only with the leaders of the country but also with the ordinary public, especially people of Indian origin who have made a mark for themselves in the highest income brackets.”

President Obama, who will arrive in the national capital on January 25 to take part in this year’s Republic Day celebrations, will be the first US President to attend the Republic Day celebrations as the chief guest.

Obama, who visited India in 2010, will also be the first US President to visit the country twice while in office.