PM Modi has set an example of how a government should be, says Amit Shah

NEW DELHI(ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah on Friday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government has set an example for the previous and coming governments as to how a government should function.

“Since Independence, a lot of governments came to power and promised to address the issues of the poor but no one did that. However, after the Modi government came to power, the inflation has come down. Petrol and diesel prices were reduced 11 times. On 15th august he announced the Jan Dhan Yojna. He has set an example for the previous and coming governments as to how a government should be,” said Shah, while addressing a rally in Patna.

“Unemployment has been reduced to a lot of extent after Modi announced the Make in India programme. More than three thousand foreign companies have vowed to invest in India. He is also focusing on skill development along with Make In India to deal with unemployment,” he said.

“No one has taken such concrete steps to deal with the issue of black money as the Modi government. He formed an SIT to bring back black money from foreign banks. Wherever he went, he brought up the issue of black money. Modi government is a government of the poor,” he added.

Shah is on a two-day visit to Bihar, his first since assuming office in July last year. Shah is scheduled to meet party workers tomorrow with an aim to recruit 75 lakh members for the party by March 31.

As per reports, the BJP chief will be meeting his party workers at the SK Memorial hall and advise them that if the committee members of 60,000 booths successfully enrol 100 new members each, then the party can meet its target of having 75 lakh members by March 31. A three-day membership drive will also be reportedly organised by the booth level workers next month.

The assembly elections in Bihar are scheduled for later this year.