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If Indian cricketers were animals…. from dnaindia

MUMBAI, Somesh Chandran(DNA): The cricketing world is a highly competitive environment. The Indian cricket team has one of the most hectic schedules among their comparables. Apart from playing international cricket, several players also ply their trade in the IPL and Champions League. One can only imagine the intense schedule of these players. But just like in the wild, these talented athletes have no time to dwell on the past. Each day is a new day and they earn their bread based on their current performances and not the past.

Come to think of it, animals and cricketers both face cut-throat competition in the quest to survive. To pay honor to some talented cricketers and some equally riveting creatures, here is a list of Indian cricketers and their animal equivalents

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: The Lion may be the king of the wild jungle. But the Indian captain is no lesser than a Lion on the field. His ability to stay unwavering and calm during crunch moments is what separates Dhoni from the rest. His bottom hand is as fierce as a Lions bite. This is where his brute power comes in. No bowler would want to be at the other end, when he unleashes his trademark helicopter shot. He’s thirty-three and still going strong.

Virat Kohli and the fox have some similar traits. The clever canine is known to leap into three feet of snow just for a small sized fish meal. Similarly Virat never leaves a stone unturned when he is on the field. The wily young cricketer approaches each ball as if it’s his last. Swift reflexes and a killer sense for victory have helped them both attain prominence in their respective fields.

Legendary fielder Jonty Rhodes once labeled Ajinkya Rahane as one of India’s finest fielders. Agile and slick on the field, Rahane has all the qualities of a squirrel. Both have immaculate techniques that put them above the rest of their peers. Rahane is extremely quick on the field and has consistently put in exemplary performances for both club and country. His reflex action would have impressed even the most nimble squirrels out there.

Rohit Sharma is one of the most gracious and stylish batsman on the field. But his runs can have a stinging effect on the opposition. Just ask the Sri Lankans against whom he scored that memorable 264. He reminds us of the Sting Ray. Both of them may not be star celebrities in team. In fact most of the time they go unnoticed. And that’s due to their uncanny ability to seamlessly blend into the action. All they need is one window of opportunity to strike. And when they do strike, the world takes note.

Also known as a cougar and catamount, the first thing you will notice about a Puma is its athletic body. The puma has muscles ripping out from all parts of its body. If there is one cricketer in the Indian team who has a chiseled and muscular body, it’s Shikhar Dhawan. Known for his hard hitting stroke-play, this left handed batsman from Delhi is inspired by the puma and takes his time to set himself before unleashing a wide array of scintillating shots.

Stuart Binny: One of the surprise picks for the upcoming World Cup, Stuart Binny is a versatile cricketer who is equally good with both bat and ball. His hybrid talents can be compared to those of a Liger. For those who aren’t aware, a liger is a hybrid between a lion and tiger and yes they do actually exist. For a long time, the Indian cricket team has been on the lookout for a versatile all-rounder. So much so that fans had actually given up hope that our team could churn out a quality all-rounder. In Stuart Binny, they might have finally found their versatile liger.

Glass frogs are a work of art. Many people reading this might be unaware of this amphibian. We highly recommend you read about them. Just like the mysterious glass frog, not much is known about India’s new spinster on the block- Axar Patel. Already 10 matches into his one day career, viewers across the world will have the opportunity to watch this young and intelligent left-arm bowler in action at the upcoming world cup.

Known for being the fastest snake in the whole of Africa, the black mamba can inject highly toxic doses of venom on its prey which can cause instant death. It’s been a long time coming but in Umesh Yadav, we finally have a bowler who can consistently bowl at 140 km/hr. His fastest ball yet was a fireball against Sri Lanka back in 2012. He managed to clock a speed of 152.5 km/hr. He doesn’t strike regularly, but when he does, he strikes with deadly accuracy. Both the black mamba and Umesh Yadav have a low hit rate but we can expect Yadav to improve his strike rate of 68.75 come this February.

Source: DnaIndia

Editor’s Note: The above is a piece of satire. The views expressed by the author are personal and don’t reflect the views of publication

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