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Saffron Hospital AIIMS ! Emergency numbers are being used for ‘Bhagwat Katha’ and ‘Satsangs’

New Delhi, Reetu Sharma (oneindia): If a close relative of yours is unwell and the doctors have referred him to Country premiere midiacla institute AIIMS, then don’t even think of dialing the emergency numbers of AIIMS operation theatre.

OMG! AIIMS numbers used for 'satsangs'

It is because that number will not help you in any way and may lead to further deterition in the condition of your relative. As per a Indiatoday report, a shocking revelation has come to fore which says, “such is the state of medical practice in this city that mobile phone numbers meant for receiving emergency calls in operation theatres in the country’s premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) are now being used for collecting money for satsangs and other such events.” More surprising fact is that these satsangs are being organised in the vicinity of AIIMS and leaders from AAP, BJP and Congress who are making tall promises to mprove things i Delhi are also coming to these events to garner votes.

Numbers alloted to AIIMS employees in telephone directory. Surprisingly, numbers in the banners of ‘Satsangs’ and ‘Bhagwat Katha’ are issued in the name of AIIMS employees. Mobile numbers 9868398148 and 9868397072 are of Vijay Singh and Navneet Singh respectively who are employees of the premiere institute.

As per the report, the events which took place in the month of December (2014) and January (2015) in the Ayurvigyan Nagar, part of AIIMS hospital, had both these numbers in the posters. ‘Satsangs’ and ‘Bhagwat Katha’ have become a famous platform to garner votes When a call was made to both these numbers, then the person who picked up the call on the other side told about the events which were organised in the month of December and January. Vice-president of Delhi BJP, Shikha Rai was quoted as saying in the report, “Our contacts at AIIMS inform us whenever the ground in Ayurvigyan Nagar is free for a congregation. We use the opportunity to attract a large number of people and get on with our poll campaign. Many women voters turn up at such events. Hard luck I didn’t get a ticket this time, but I have helped others.”

Source: OneIndia