Who will guard US President Barack Obama in India?

NEW DELHI,Manan Kumar(WEB TEAM): Contours of tough security arrangements that will be put in place to guard US President Barack Obama, the person having highest threat perception in the world, during his three day India visit have finally started emerging after series of hectic parleys between US security agencies and their Indian counterparts.

Who all will guard President Obama in India?
It has emerged that Obama’s immediate security comprising of two layers will remain in the hands of chosen US secret service agents and the elite Green Berets, US’s special forces soldiers. The other outer rings will comprise of Indian elite forces that include commandos drawn from the elite special protection group (SPG) tasked to guard PM and former PMs, national security guards (NSG) meant for Z plus security for VVIPs having high threat perception, hen picked commandos from paramilitary forces and Delhi Police.
Besides, a host of US secret service agents, special forces personnel and from officials from NSA and FBI, seven highly trained dogs of Belgian Malinois breed will take care of Obama’s security.

What is so special about Belgian Malinois dogs?
Belgian Malinois, highly intelligent working dogs, are considered best in the world for tasks like detection of odors such as explosives, accelerants (for arson investigation), and narcotics; tracking of humans for suspect apprehension and search and rescue missions.
In October 2014 two Malinois – Hurricane and Jordan – had prevented a suspected attacker who had trespassed into the White House. Known as US secret service K-9 team Belgian Malinois exhibit very energy levels that are among the highest of all dog breeds. They can run 25 miles per hour and have a bite that applies hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch.

How the US President will travel for RD parade ?
Though not clearly put in as many words, Obama is expected to travel in either of the two Beasts, the 7 tonne Cadillac limousines, that can withstand virtually any kind of attack and has all the arrangements for every kind of exigency. He is expected to be accompanied with one specialist Indian doctor, to be especially nominated by the PMO, in the Beast to help attend to the president in any case of any emergency as per Indian conditions.

Will Delhi be a no-fly zone?
Yes Delhi will be no-fly zone for five hours for all commercial/passenger flights during the RD parade and a no-fly zone for three hours whenever US president is airborne such as, for a visit to Taj Mahal in Agra. However, as an added security measure this time the no-fly zone has been extended to 500 kilometres instead of the usual 300 kilometres. The same no-fly zone rules will be put in place during Obama’s arrival in Delhi and departure which is expected to be on January 27 from Agra. President Obama is expected to travel to Agra in his Airforce One plane and use a US airforce chopper to visit Agra but may also travel in the Beast. He is expected to spend 5-6 hours in Agra before flying out from India.