Xiaomi likely to release gaming console on January 20

Soon after the recent launch of it’s flagship tablets, the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, rumour has it that Xiaomi is launching a gaming console on January 20. A Weibo post from Xiaomi’s page has a vague teaser image with three concentric rectangles and the text “Bigger is better”.

While it may not seem like all that much, the fact that it came from the company’s gaming account (not the one for it’s smartphones), as well as the icon of a controller in the top left corner, is quite telling. There’s also the fact that Xiaomi has already developed gaming controllers in the past, that are supported by it’s smart TVs and set top boxes, and that China relaxed it’s age old ban on gaming consoles sometime last year.

Also of note is the fact that Xiaomi recently announced it’s deal with Chinese software development company Kingsoft, buying 2.98 percent of their shares for approximately US $68 million. While Kingsoft has various products in its portfolio like an antivirus, word processor, and cloud storage software, it’s also had it’s foot firmly in PC game development for a while now.

In addition to a possible gaming console, Xiaomi is also set to release it’s flagship smartphone, the Mi 4, in India at an event in New Delhi on January 28.