India Consumer Insight: 54% of Indian Households Own A Television; Air-conditioner Demand Grows Rapidly

New Delhi(Press reporter): One of the fast growing consumer research organization “India Consumer Insight” (ICI) has recently carried consumer survey which is powered by MicroAd India Pte. Ltd., the leading Online Advertising Platform company in India, has published its latest report on “The Purchase of Electronic Home Appliances in India”.

As its previous findings revealed that consumer electronics constitute a significant part of the e-commerce market in India, ICI has gone further to explore the demand and buying behavior for electronic home appliances. A survey has been conducted with more than 1,800 participants through Reward Eagle, a point reward web service in India.

■ Survey Results(Partial)
【Survey Outline】
Number of respondents: 1,855
Survey period: 3 December – 14 December 2014

【Key demographics of survey respondents】

The results show that the most popular electronic home appliances in India are television and ceiling fan. Although air-conditioner is not as common yet, it is quickly gaining popularity in India. In terms of price, Rs50,000 (approximately USD 800) is regarded as a reference price as products above this amount show a remarkable decrease in purchases.

In addition, more than 40% of consumers prefer to purchase electronic home appliances online, constituting a non-negligible segment. The most important attribute for online purchase is “Price”, followed by “Promotion/Discount” and “Form of payment”. The demands and expectations for online purchase are considered high as its total score of attribute importance is higher than in-store purchase.

In India, many people visit the shopping mall on weekends but the traffic congestion and parking problem cause inconveniences; besides, it could also take a long waiting time in the store due to huge crowds and limited stock availability.


Hence, online shopping poses a solution to these issues. Currently, the main products being purchased online are clothings, books and smartphones. However, the e-commerce market is expected to grow, driven by the online sales of electronic home appliance products that generally have higher unit prices than the current products.

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