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Maharashtra government offices more stained than transport systems

Mumbai(PTI): While city’s modes of public transport — buses, Monorail and Metro — have been quite effective in deterring commuters from spitting in them, the same can’t be said about government offices.

Which office is the worst-affected?
One of the places that touts and Mumbaikars have badly painted with paan and gutkha stains is Andheri Regional Transport Office (RTO), which was inaugurated on August 3, 2013. The compound walls have been stained red, as have the staircases and a lift inside the building.

Are officials doing anything about it?
Officials find themselves helpless in curbing the problem. “How many times should we clean it so that those spitting think twice before dirtying? We are already facing staff shortage and cannot depute existing employees for clean-up work,” said an RTO official.

What about city’s new transport systems?
With respect to the Monorail and Metro, on the other hand, while stains have been found on the outside of their compound walls, inside their premises, ie at stations and in rakes, it’s clean.
At a Monorail station, paan marks were found on the outside of the compound walls, with people spitting targetting the wall instead of the litter bins. In the case of Metro too, outside of the walls and pillars have faced the brunt, but civic sense has prevailed at the concourse, platforms and inside trains.

What are the fines for spitting on Monorail, Metro premises?
Although the penalty for spitting on Monorail is Rs200, till date no one has been fined. Metro officials fine more (Rs250) for spitting in Metro premises. Right from the day of its inauguration on June 8, 2014, up to December, 971 people have been caught spitting.
“As a company, we believe in imbibing cleanliness as a habit among our employees, commuters and the society. Our serious efforts towards achieving it through judicious amalgamation of right technology and equipment, trained manpower, best practices and process has established Mumbai Metro One as the cleanest urban transport infrastructure in the city,” said a Mumbai Metro spokesperson.

And how have BEST buses remained clean?
BEST spokesperson Hanumant Gophane said, “People do not spit inside buses, thanks to our repeated campaigns. As a measure of cleanliness, out buses are cleaned daily and washed on a weekly basis.”

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