One km-long complaint chart for Narendra Modi from Varanasi

Varanasi,Piyush Srivastava : Students prepare one km-long plea to PM Narendra Modi.A group of students in Allahabad and Varanasi have been preparing a kilometre-long complaint chart about the problems facing Varanasi which would be sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They have claimed that about 400 metre of the chart is ready; they hope to cover another 600 metre in the next six months.

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“Since Prime Minister Modi is the MP from Varanasi, we will hand it over to his local office. In case they refuse to accept it then we will send it to the Prime Minister’s Office in New Delhi,” said Kushagra Srivastava, a B.Tech student in Allahabad.

He told newspersons that the initiative was launched four months ago by social organisation Shuruat (Beginning). Most of the members of the organisation are students.

“The students are writing about the problems of Varanasi which are making life difficult. Majority of the problems are related to sewer lines, traffic, street lights, and law and order. Every complainant is supposed to write his name, an introduction and mobile number with his message to Prime Minister Modi. We have planned to organise a total of 50 camps across the city and hope that the complaint sheet would be of one-km length,” he said.

So far, the students have organised 20 camps at the Banaras Hindu University and Sigra area. Over 50 B.Tech students from Allahabad spend one or two days every week in Varanasi to help in organising the camps.

One of the complainants, Ashok Mishra, has written that traffic jam was a major problem in Varanasi. “It is a big problem. The developmental work is going on in a haphazard manner. So this problem will persist till the government doesn’t focus on planned works,” he has stated.

Dinesh Yadav, another complainant, stated that the dilapidated parks in Varanasi should be cleaned for public use.

Prime Minister Modi has planned to develop Varanasi as a centre of art and culture. He has been coordinating with many international institutes for this purpose. But the youths of Allahabad and Varanasi are of the view that they should keep him posted about the ground realities so that he can plan the developmental works in a focused way.