Tanve Azmi lost the role because of her bald head

Mumbai: It was a close race between the two extremely talented actresses Tanve Azmi and Supriya Pathak to step into Smriti Irani’s role in Umesh Shukla’s All Is Well.

Shukla reveals how Supriya beat Tanve to the honour. “Tanve Azmi is shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani and she has shaved off her head for the part. It would not have been possible to shoot with Tanveji right now. Supriyaji was the entire team’s favourite choice.”

The dates had to be worked around Supriya’s schedule.

Says Umesh, “She is doing an Australian project. We had to adjust accordingly.” With the casting of the mother’s role in place, All Is Well begins shooting on January 15 and wraps up on March 15. “We’re looking at a July 3 release,” informs Umesh.