Bollywood on celebration mode: Kuch naya ho jaaye

Mumbai,Nayandeep Rakshit: The same-old same old resolutions make their annual appearances with celebrities interchanging what they wish to accomplish, at the start of the year. So, forget New Year resolutions. Bollywood’s A-Listers tell us what are the new things they plan to explore this year.

Aamir Khan: “I have different plans this year. I am looking forward to working in my next film, spending a lot more time with my son Azad and wife Kiran. In 2015, I want to live a life of moderation. Normally I live a life which is very extreme. That’s how I have lived my life for the last 49 years. Everything I do is an extreme. I won’t achieve it because I am too much of an extremist (Laughs). And I want to learn the table. I have been trying to learn it for the past few years but this year, I will definitely do it”

Vidya Balan: “I hope to travel more in 2015. Last year, I could not travel much because of my health issues. I have now begun to love travelling. I also want to try something new – cooking, learning to bake and maybe bungee-jumping”

Priyanka Chopra: “I have an interesting line up of films in 2015 which I am kicked about. So I will give more and more entertainment to everyone (Laughs). I am also planning to take some time out next year to be with my family and go on vacations which I haven’t done much in the past. And there is my production venture- Madamjee. I have learnt the nuances of filmmaking last year which I will implement now. When it’s just a heroine’s film, there are a lot of obstacles on the way. Promotions, marketing, budgeting- everything is less compared to a hero’s film but expectations still are as high as a man’s film. That I have learnt and maybe, that’s something very new that I will try out. With Madamjee, it won’t be that difficult anymore.”

Anushka Sharma: “I have become a full hands-on producer and I am excited to present NH10 to you guys. People feel that women cannot be good producers and that I am taking a risk. But I am totally focused with my productional ventures. We are looking for a nice script for our second one as well.”

Parineeti Chopra: “I will travel in and around the world next year because my next film won’t come before eight-nine months from now. I love traveling and I have not quite been able to do it for sometime now as I was working round the clock. I also want to join a singing class because I can sing quite well. I’m prepared to sing not just for my films but anything which is good. I do want to sing a Bollywood song for a film.”

Jacqueline Fernandez: “I want to do more films and work hard for sure. Other than that, I want to travel outside the country more often. I also want to try learning a new language – something that excites me a lot”

Arjun Kapoor: “I have got involved with the process of filmmaking a lot while doing dad’s film (Tevar). I liked the post-production work. I loved sitting for meetings, discussing what should we do next to promote our films. I need to learn all this because I have a bigger aim in life which I am veering towards. I want to direct a film in a few years so I am learning the techniques like a learner”

Ranveer Singh: “I am going to experiment with my look for every film. That is something I have consciously decided to do. Other than that, people have always told me that I am too over-enthusiastic. So I will try and be a lot calmer off-screen as a person. I also want to learn singing which I did a bit on the Kill Dil sets, thanks to Parineeti and Ali.”

Kriti Sanon: “One thing I want to take up this year is swimming. I am not confident being under water and that is a fear I want to overcome. I will also be learning a lot of new dance styles in the New Year as part of the prep for Singh is Bling”.

Farah Khan: “In 2015, I want to try different things. I want to find a script which I have never done before. I am also doing Bigg Boss 8, something I have never done before. I want to travel to exotic places with my kids. And for the last 25 years, I have wished the same on New Year. So yes, I want to lose weight this year.”

Rajkumar Hirani: “The new thing I want to do this year is to make sure I finish scripting my next film in the first three-four months, so that I can start off with the film sooner rather than put in a gap of five years all over again. (Laughs) I have also been wanting to do this for quite sometime – travel to the remotest areas to meet new people and just get to know how they are, what they do and all. But it had been put on hold. This year, I will achieve it for sure.”

Hrithik Roshan: “I want to spend more time with my family who have been there for me in the time of need, supported me through the entire episode. I want to take my sons out more often and try and be with them as much as possible. In 2015, I will try and have less health issues. Will take care of myself too. Fitness is very important and is an integral part of my life. So I do have the desire to write a book on the same. Let’s see how it moves forward”.