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Facebook and Twitter jointly refuse to remove anti Islamic posts: Report

London(Web Team): According to an investigation, Facebook and Twitter are refusing to remove provocative Islamophobic posts from across their sites in spite of alerts from anti-racism groups.

According to the daily mail, many of these posts accuse Muslims of being rapists and pedophiles. The number of such posts has increased after day by day. Specially right wing groups in USA, UK and India have started bigger campaigns to blaming Islam for world peace violation. Eg-

Facebook has been accused of allowing Islamophobia to flourish by refusing to take down hundreds of inflammatory posts from their sites. Pictured: CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaking in California in 2013

Over the past four months, Muslim groups have been compiling details of online abuse and reporting it to Twitter and Facebook.
They have reportedly brought hundreds of messages to the attention of the social-media companies, but the accounts are still easily accessible.
One prolific tweeter, who has been reported several times, wrote on New Year’s Eve: ‘Should have lost World War Two. Your daughters would be getting impregnated by handsome blond Germans instead of Pakistani goat herders. Good job Britain.’
One man, Eric King, who was branded a ‘vile, reprehensible bigot’ after he sent offensive photographs and social media posts to an Islamic community centre near Truro, was given a suspended sentence for his crime.
But his Facebook account, which he used to send abusive messages to the same mosque and is still using to convey his message, is still active.
Fiyaz Mughal, director of Faith Matters, an interfaith organisation which runs a helpline called Tell MAMA, for victims of anti-Muslim violence, said he was disappointed the sites were not taking a stronger stance.

Facebook authorities said that they had to maintain a balance between freedom of expression and having “a safe and trusted environment” but would remove any content reported to it that attacks any race.

A Twitter spokesman said that they check all the content that is reported to the company for breaking its rules.

Muslim groups have reported various such accounts and messages to the social media websites as they are derogatory. ‘With a diverse global community of more than a billion people, we occasionally see people post content which, whilst not against our rules, some people may find offensive.

‘By working with community groups like Faith Matters, we aim to show people the power of counter speech and, in doing so, strike the right balance between giving people the freedom to express themselves and maintaining a safe and trusted environment.’
A Twitter spokesman said: ‘We review all reported content against our rules, which prohibit targeted abuse and direct, specific threats of violence against others.’