Akshay Kumar Revealed: Why is Baby called Baby?

Ever since the promotion of the Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Baby started there is a whole lot of curiosity as to why the star has chosen to be in another film entitled Baby. Akshay has earlier done Sajid Khan’s Heyy Baby.

Baby director Neeraj Pandey enlightens, “There is no huge secret behind my film’s title. It’s the nickname for the black operation that Akshay Kumar and the others in his team are part of. The unit is on a trial-run for five years. And since it’s in its infancy everyone calls it ‘Baby’. As simple as that.” Neeraj was advised to create an aura of suspense around the film’s title. But the director says he doesn’t want to create an unnecessary atmosphere of curiosity. “Audiences must be told what they need to know about a film,” says Neeraj. “And they can’t come to my film expecting to see a cute infant in it.”