India v/s Australia 3rd Test Day 5, Melbourne: Kohli dismissal puts India on the backfoot again

India v/s Australia 3rd Test Day 5, Melbourne: Kohli dismissal puts India on the backfoot again.

10:53 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

37 overs- 105/4. Maiden over for Ryan Harris

10:51 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

35 overs- 104/4

34.1 overs- And he departs! Virat Kohli goes for the first ball after tea. Harris to Kohli, OUT, he strikes first ball! Kohli is not able to keep his flick down and lobs one into the hands of Joe Burns. Kohli cannot That’s a big wicket for Australia. V Kohli c Burns b Harris 54 off 99b

V Kohli c Burns b Harris 54 (135m 99b

10:20 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

TEA BREAK! 34 overs- 104/3

India require another 280 runs with 7 wickets remaining

Kohli- 54 off 98, Rahane-33 off 68. Harris was wonderful with the ball. What a spell.

10:05 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Half century for Kohli! 50 off 87 balls.

29.5 overs- 94/3

10:02 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

29 overs- 92/3

Kohli playing some good shots here. He is playing away from his body time-to-time.

Right now time is critical, runs not so much as India need to chase or go for a draw.

28 overs- 88/3. Ryan Harris’ ball has too much turn as Rahane is troubled. Three of that over.

9:48 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

26 overs- 78/3. Its all about resolute defence at this stage. Good cricket from India. Harris is bowling well and keeping Kohli under check.

9:31 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

22 overs- 63/3.

Rahane- 16 off 32, Kohli- 32 off 62

India going for a draw as they require 323 from 48.4 overs.

9:15 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

19 overs- 54/3. Kohli and Rahane look settled and hoping to build a partnership like the first innings.

14 overs- 36/3. India need 348 runs more from 56 overs.

Runs begin to come for India as Kohli settles down to play some good shots.

8:47 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

India need 361 runs more from 59 overs.

Kohli- 7 off 17, Rahane- 4 off 11. This match is about survival. Both of them are the two men in form who together got 262 runs.

11 overs- 23/3.

8:33 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

8.1 overs- 19/3. Murali Vijay has to go. M Vijay lbw b Hazlewood 11 off 28b. Hazlewood to Vijay, OUT, it’s gone! Vijay is gone. Australia dismantle India’s top order. Umpire Dharamsena lifts his finger after giving it some thought

Massive wicket for Australia. Hazlewood is getting the reverse swing.

8:30 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

8 overs- 19/2. A lot of banter and chirping by the Aussie players. Virat Kohli seems to have been affectd and is taking it personally.

There is a boxing match going on at one end and a cricket match at the other. Competitive match here at MCG. Some day the players might just punch each other.

Josh Hazlewood brought into the attack.

6 overs-12/2

India need 372 runs to win from 64 overs

8:13 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014
4 overs- 8/2. Excellent over! What good cricket

3.2 overs- 8/2. Big sound on that, umpire says not out as there was a clear sound. Murali Vijay suffers scare of Ryan Harris’ delivery. Harris thought it was caught out as the bowl flies past behind the stumps.

8:06 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

OUT! 2.2 overs- 5/2. Good bouncer from Johnson. Angling away. Johnson to Rahul, OUT, gone! gone! Another brain freeze for Rahul! This is one match he would want to forget very quickly. The delivery well outside off and Rahul manages a thick top edge. Watson jogs back from first slip and completes a good catch

KL Rahul c Watson b Johnson 1 off 5b

8:02 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014
Should Virat Kohli bat at no.3 and India needs to play the attacking cricket, trying to score over 5 runs per over.

Australia will come hard because they know that India will need 5.5 runs per over.

7:20 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014


India have been set 384-run target in 70 overs

Australia declare at 318/9 in 98 overs

Hazlewood- 0 off 3, Lyon- 1 off 10

They are going to play the extra half hour. And finally Australia have’s lunch now

97 overs- 317/9

Hazlewood walks in to bat.

Shaun Marsh gets run out on 99! There is joy, sadness and drama in this game. Marsh’s direct hit at the striker’s end. He pushes it and Kohli hits the stumps direct. The fielder knew it, Marsh knew it when he dived. He gets a standing ovation, but he has to be a dejected man. A well-played careeer defining innings. He will not be able to get his first century at home.

SE Marsh run out bKohli 99 off 215b

Josh Hazlewood has his pads on. Seems like Australia are going to bat post-lunch.

6:58 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014
95 overs- 315/8

Ashwin was expensive and has been taken to cleaners this over. Marsh aggressively tried to get his 100 and in the bargain smashed a six and a boundary. Shaun Marsh all of a sudden has discovered belligerence.

6:51 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

94 overs- 303/8

Nathan Lyon walks in to bat.

OUT! And he’s gone…Ryan Harris nicks one of Shami’s delivery to Dhoni as he tried to cut it down to the third man. The ball was reversing. Very beautifully bowled by Shami.

RJ Harris c †Dhoni b Mohammed Shami 21 off 68b

6:43 IST Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The declaration seems to be coming. Nathan Lyon seen taking his pads off and captain Steven Smith involved in discussions with coach Darren Lehmann.

Australia lead by 362

90 overs- 297/7

Shaun Marsh- 83 off 192, Ryan Harris- 20 off 62.

Welcome to Day 5 of the 3rd Test between India and Australia at Melbourne. The match will begin at 5:30 am IST.

On Day 4, Mitchell Johnson folded up the Indian tail quite quickly. The Australian batting response then was not totally dominant, yet sufficient to put India on the ropes. With a lead of 326, Australia are in the drivers’ seat despite being 7 wickets down for 261. Read the match report from Day 4 to find out exactly how things panned out.

The Indian bowlers did reasonably well on Day 4, at least far better than in the first innings. The perenially ‘unlucky’ Ishant Sharma took 2/49, R Ashwin 2/56 and Umesh Yadav 2/73. For once, India managed to stop Steve Smith and prevent anyone from scoring a century (though Shaun Marsh is unbeaten on 62).

Speaking of Shaun Marsh, he could be the aggressor early on Tuesday, though the Australian tail has shown terrific spunk this series in the face of docile Indian bowling. There is no doubt Australia will look to score runs quickly, but they will also be wary of declaring too soon, after the experience of the first Test where India decided to change down 363 instead of seeking a draw on the last day. has complete coverage of the India-Australia series, from latest news to videos to podcasts, opinions and more. Click here to see the same.