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India v/s Australia 3rd Test Day 3, Melbourne: Australia bounce back as they dismiss Dhoni; claim three wickets quickly

India v/s Australia 3rd Test Day 3, Melbourne: Australia bounce back as they dismiss Dhoni; claim three wickets quickly. 150 runs for Kohli! Fantastic innings by Virat Kohli. First score of 150+ in test matches. Scores 151 runs off 244 balls.

11:49 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

India have lost three wickets for 21 runs.

India trail by 100

WICKET! 116.4 overs- 430/6- MS Dhoni departs for 11. Harris to Dhoni, OUT, he gets caught behind! He was trying to push it down to third-man.

MS Dhoni c Haddin b Harris 11 off 23b

11:37 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

114 overs- 426/5
Dhoni- 8 off 16, Kohli- 146 off 232

Dhoni making the same mistakes again and again. Lucky to survive two LBW scares.

11:21 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

Two wickets in quick succession!

OUT! Debutant KL Rahul should have left the scoring to his senior partner Virat Kohli.

Lyon to Rahul, OUT. Rahul goes for a sweep, top edges that towards backward square leg, simple catch and it is caught by Hazlewood.
KL Rahul c Hazlewood b Lyon 3 off 8b
11:11 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

107.4 overs- 409/4

OUT! Australia get the much-needed breakthrough. Rahane goes for the sweep shot but Lyon bowls much fuller, he misses and the back pad takes the hit. Rahane gets a pat on the back from Kohli and a standing ovation from the crowd as he walks back. Superb innings from him.

AM Rahane lbw b Lyon 147 off 171b

11:03 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

Kohli- 139 off 217, Rahane- 143 off 168

107 overs- 404/3. India trail by 126

11:01 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

India cross 400+ run mark. Their best performance in the series so far.

Record partnership for India outside Asia in the last 10 years

10:46 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

Australia need a wicket from somewhere.

103 overs- 382/3

Mitchell Johnson has been all over the place since tea. He has bowled short, lacked good line and length.

10:41 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

102 overs- 379/3

India trail by 151 runs.

Kohli- 128, Rahane-130

10:27 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

99 overs- 358/3. India trail by 172 runs

9:51 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014


95 overs- 336/3.

This has been a good session for India with both Kohli and Rahane scoring centuries.

India trail by 194 runs with 7 wickets remaining in the 1st innings

9:46 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

94 overs- 335/3

CENTURY! He just gets better and better. Fantastic batting by Virat Kohli. Scores a well-spirited 103 of 168 balls

9th hundred in test matches, 5th against Australia and 3rd in this series.

9:31 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

90 overs- 315/3

The Mumbai lad has good technique and looking very strong on the backfoot.

CENTURY! He flashes hard…and it’s a hundred for Rahane. Scores 101 off 129 balls. His third test hundred and first against Australia. He came in when India were in a bit of a trouble.

Rahane away from a very good test hundred. He is such a good cutter. Looks for deliveries outside the off stump.

9:24 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014
89 overs- 311/3

Both the batsmen have been lucky to have dropped multiple times today. Having survived, both are enroute to slamming centuries.

9:09 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

These two seem unstoppable right now, determined to get their centuries.

86 overs- 296/3.

Kohli and Rahane on 88 and 86 respectively. Partnership of 148 runs from 215 balls.

8:51 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014


82 overs- 279/3

Kohli- 84 off 132, Rahane- 74 off 103 balls

India averages 23.0 when batting vs second new ball

Second new ball has been taken. Mitchell Johnson continues to bowl.

8:40 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

80 overs- 276/3

MISS CHANCE of a dismissal. Its gone straight through as Rahane lofts one straight in Lyon’s hands, who drops it.

Virat Kohli enjoys batting in Australia. He is on the verge of a 100.

8:36 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

79 overs- 274/3

India has put up runs on the board in this series. 400 in Adelaide and Brisbane. The bowing has let them down. They haven’t been able to put pressure on Australia.

76 overs- 272/3

Rahane will be keen to get a hundred today here at the MCG.

Two of the best players at the crease right now.

8:25 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

75 overs- 261/3

Kohli-78 off 119 , Rahane- 62 off 73

8:12 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

72 overs- 243/3

India trail by 291 runs

Ajinkya Rahane slams 50 off 61 balls

7:14 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

Lunchime on Day 3 folks!

66 overs- 224/3. Trail by 306 runs.

Kohli (60 off 94), Rahane (43 off 45). The Indian batting duo forge a partnership of 77 runs.

7:04 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

A partnership of 74 runs off 88 balls.

HALF CENTURY for Virat Kohli. Scores 51 off 86 balls. His 10th fifty in 32 Test Matches.

6:47 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

60 overs- 196/3

Nathan Lyon comes in to bowl. Bowls outside the line of the off-stump.

6:43 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

59 overs- 193/3. India trail by 337

Rahane hasn’t been shy of smashing the balls around the park, races away to 30 off 22 balls.

57 overs- 186/3. Virat Kohli plays well. Showing positivity and hunger.

Shane Watson is such a good bowler, always having a go at you.

6:24 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

54 overs- 173/3.

Kohli- 36 off 57, Rahane- 16 off 10

Virat Kohli is all the time going on the backfoot.

Nathan Lyon will have to keep up the attack. Will have to be very tight as Indians will look at him as a run scoring opportunity.

6:08 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

OUT! Shane Watson strikes. Murali Vijay plays a loose shot. Australia keep it tight. A good catch at first slip from Shaun Marsh. He tried to cut it through backward point, but the ball flies of the edge straight to first slip.

49 overs- 147/2. India trail by 383 runs

Vijay- 68 off 130, Kohli- 26 off 42.

5:54 IST Sunday, 28 December 2014

37.2 overs- Harris to Pujara, OUT, a wicket on the second ball of the day! Haddin takes a stunner after he yesterday dropped a simpler one, as he made up for it. Poor shot selection from Pujara as he tried to cut one.

CA Pujara c Haddin b Harris 25 off 71b

Welcome to Day 3 of the 3rd Test match between India and Australia being played in Melbourne. The match begins at 5:30 am IST.

India once again squandered a reasonably good position on Day 2 to allow Australia to reach a score of 530. Captain Steven Smith cracked a beautiful 192 and the tailenders once again harangued the hapless Indian bowling. On a Melbourne wicket which offers a certain amount of assistance to bowlers, 530 is an even bigger score than it looks. India’s bowlers failed to rise to the occasion for the umpteenth time, conceding over 500 runs in the series the third time round.

At stumps however, India had reached 108/1, with the in-form Murali Vijay batting on 55. Giving him company at the crease was the struggling Cheteshwar Pujara on 25. To read the full match report, click here

India though are still 422 runs behind at close of play. They will need to put up long partnerships in order to entertain hopes on reaching the Australian total. They must absolutely seek to bat out the entire day, without losing their entire middle order. The batsmen who have yet to come to the party, like Pujara and to some extent Ajinkya Rahane, will have to convert their starts into big scores. The pressure will also be on debutant KL Rahul, who has come into the side for the disappointing Rohit Sharma.

The backlash has already begun though there are still three days left in the match, as it slowly becomes clear that the series has totally slipped out of India’s grasp. Sunil Gavaskar was scathing in his criticism of Indian bowlers.

To read the live match updates from Friday, click here

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