Firms claim its software can interlink all emergency numbers

New Delhi(PTI): At times of crisis, remembering emergency numbers sometimes appear to be a challenge for distressed callers, especially important numbers like those of anti-eveteasing or anti-ragging helplines.

Keeping this in mind, an Indian security solutions company has developed a software which, it claims, can bring an end to the problem and installed it in Lucknow.

“We have developed a software ‘Rolta GeoCAD’ that can interlink all emergency numbers and applications with a single control room number.

“Be it a women’s helpline number of any state or city, 108 of ambulance, fire stations 101, or anti-ragging cell, all can be connected by just dialling 100,” said C R Bannur, senior divisional director of homeland security solution company ‘Rolta India’.

Speaking at a recent defence and security equipment expo here, he said this solution has been installed in Lucknow and “we have given our plans to Delhi Police and to those in other states for implementation.”

In the US, the 911 emergency number can be dialled from any telephone. It immediately links the caller to an emergency dispatch centre which can send emergency responders to the caller’s location by automatically pairing caller numbers with a physical address.

Similarly, Rolta GeoCAD, also known as ‘Dial 100′, is engineered to provide ’emergency response’ to distress callers, Bannur said. It works with a command and control system that creates alerts when an incident is detected and informs the nearest Quick Response Teams.

All helpline numbers like those related to eve-teasing, ragging and anti-stalking, besides police and fire, are interlinked to the number 100.

Whenever a call is made, the location is traced instantly and the nearest help team gets automatically alerted, considerably reducing the response time, he said, claiming that the current system of separate helpline numbers takes much more time.

“We have already installed GeoCAD with Lucknow Police’s control room and interlinked it with all the emergency numbers in the city and our initiative is giving fruitful results,” said Pavan Vinnakota, its manager who was part of a team that worked for Lucknow Police when the system was installed.

“People registering complaints are informed by SMS to enable them check the status through inquiry console setup in the control room or online from the police website”, he said.

“Rolta is probably the only Indian company to have developed its own patented and highly advanced DIAL 100 Solutions, comparable with the 911 Solution being used in the USA,” Bannur said.