New Delhi, Linda Mary Liotino: There is no one country that is perfect; decisions are made at times causing tragic results. Democratic countries look at their errors which at times is fueled by vengeance and or greed because Democracy is a check and balance Governance. Justice plays a role in bringing Democracy back to its roots as well as government agencies, courts, intelligence, and parliamentary representatives. Therefore, if a Democratic Governance is in place and developed no one person, party, group has total power to dictate over any person’s freedoms and rights.

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The present party in India the BJP has some radical groups that the law turns a blinds eye too. The poor approximately 80% are either illiterate or have had a sparse education. They are won over by what they hear not really taking into account the consequences of a smooth talker with a charismatic personality. They judge and make decisions that will lift them from their VALLEY OF TEARS and who can blame them but there is blame here when promises are made, which will never come to light.

Radical Hindus hate the conversion of Hindu’s to Christianity they claim it is forced when Christian Missionaries go into many tribal and poor regions and set up schools, clinics and try to meet the needs of these people. I have searched and cannot find any news stories where the poor who receive services are threaten, beaten or denied that which is set is up for them because they will not convert to Christianity.

The convert celebration of coming to Christianity is a celebration within the congregation. The Catholic Church cannot coerce Catholic teaching for anyone wanting to enter the church they exercise must have free will.. Converting to the Catholic Faith is no small matter and as Catholics we are held accountable not only to the Holy See (Rome) but by Our Lord Himself. I know of several convents whom run schools, orphanages, clinics and the like whose children and adults do not convert and yet receive the benefits the church offers.

The lies of the radical Hindu’s are just that lies. To succeed at reconverting Christians they are guilty of holding back subsides, excommunication or shunned in their village, and some even beaten some killed. They are merciless in action and deed and guess who closes a blinds eye to all this the ruling party and Prime Minister Modi. Some radicals threaten for all to hear if you are not a Hindu leave India during this past campaign many being BJP members. Many poor do not speak out the consequences is far greater than their present suffering in the VALLEY OF TEARS.


Dear Souls of the oppressed threats can be so abusive at times making one crumble under duress especially when children and family is involved and threaten. The VALLEY OF TEARS is where you live and hopelessness resides in the mist of the horror of survival. The body is weak and the mind tired and the heart broken but rise up dear souls the VALLEY OF TEARS holds not any decision made under duress and coercion. Any forced re-conversion back to Hinduism cannot stand unless you really in your heart want to return for you are Baptized in name of the FATHER and of the SON and of the HOLY SPIRIT which is an indelible mark on your soul never to be taken away by you, anyone else or sin.

Why do I say the radical Hindus are manipulative and lie because they had to tell the so called anxiously awaiting converted Christians coming back home to Hinduism to burn their rosaries, bibles and medals. One would have to think that process would have taken place before the ceremony if the converts really wanted to go back home to the Hindu religion. The fact that they still held on to them till the end is TELLING.

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