Girls Must Not Wear Short Tops to Avoid Rape: BJP Mayor Raksha Boriya

Rajkot(IANS): Rajkot city mayor Raksha Boriya today suggested that girls should not wear short tops to avoid rape and sexual assaults and to “conserve Indian values”, drawing sharp criticism from several quarters.


“In the context of sexual assaults and other crimes on our young girls, I will say that our girls, keeping Indian culture in mind, should not wear short tops with jeans, so that crime against women in India can be brought under control,” Rajkot city mayor Raksha Boriya of the BJP told reporters.

Boriya while addressing an event organised by Non-Resident Gujaratis yesterday, comprising college women, had said that girls should not wear tight and short dresses to avoid rape and conserve “Indian culture and values.”

Boria’s statement had invited criticism from several quarters, which led the BJP leader to make another statement today. However, she maintained that she had suggested that young girls to not wear short tops in the context of recent incidents of rape.

“Besides, I made suggestions to save our Indian values and culture. I also said that girls should wear long tops with jeans, instead of wearing short and tight tops,” Boriya told reporters today.

Criticisng Boriya’s statement Rajkot Municipal Corporation Opposition Congress leader Gayatriba Vaghela said, “It is an unfortunate statement and the mayor should not issue such statements as she is herself a woman.