Google unveils complete prototype of first self-driving car

Google has finished its work on the first complete prototype of its own self-driving car and is now ready to try it on the test track.

This file image provided May 28, 2014 by Google, shows a self-drivinga two-seat prototype vehicle conceived and designed by Google. Google on December 22, 2014 announced that the first completed prototype of its self-driving car is ready to be road tested. Photo- AFP Photo handout/Google

The company’s latest prototype apparently has all the parts that a self-driving car requires to function and is said to hit the roads in 2015. According to The Verge, the prototype that Google originally unveiled back in May was just an “early mockup” that even lacked headlights.

The makers have not made many changes in the design of the car.

However, the LIDAR system mounted on top of the vehicle to help it see the world has been cut down in size and it’s shrunk from a strange-looking mount to a sleek, black cap, the report said.