Death toll in Bodo terrorist attack rises to 46 including 15 children

Guwahati: Bodo terrorists on Tuesday killed atleast 46 people–mainly tribals (Adivasi)–and they included four women in a series of attacks at four places in Sonitpur and Kokrajhar districts of Assam.

Death toll in Bodo militan terrorist attack rises to 46 including 15 children

Death toll in Bodo militan terrorist attack rises to 46 including 15 children

Police said that 50 others were also injured in the attack unleashed by heavily armed militants belonging to the Songbijit faction of National Democratic Front of Bodoland(NDFB) that is opposed to peace talks.
Recently the group has threaten to take revenge on Assam Government by killing innocent people as local news paper was reported same day before yesterday. Here the question has risen why security forces and IB failed to avoid such killing ?

46 জণ নিৰীহ আদিবাসী হিন্দু লোকৰ হত্যা। যোৱাকালি NDFBৰ  ছংবিজিত গোটে অসম চৰকাৰক দিয়া সকিয়নীক আজি আখৰে আখৰে পালন কৰে বড়ো উগ্ৰপন্থীৰ দলটোৱে। কিয় চোৰাংচোৱা বিভাগে হৈ যোৱা নৰহত্যা ৰোধ কৰিব নোৱাৰিলে? জিহাদিতকৈও বড়ো উগ্ৰবাদীৰ ভাবুকিহে দেশ আৰু জনতাৰ বাবে বিপদজনক হৈ পৰিছে। ধিক্কাৰ দিছো কাপুৰুষ সকলক যিয়ে নিৰিহ মানুহৰ তেজেৰে আজি ফাঁকু খেলিলে। ধিক্কাৰ দিছো চৰকাৰক যি আগতীয়াকৈ জনাৰ পিছতো নিৰিহৰ প্ৰাণ ৰক্ষা কৰিব নোৱাৰিলে । অসম চৰকাৰ হুশিয়াৰ। বি টিএডিত থকা অবৈধ অস্ত্ৰসত্ৰ জব্দ কৰক। ৰাইজৰ নিৰপত্তা সুনিশ্চিত কৰক।

Indefinite curfew was clamped tonight in four police station areas of Sonitpur district.

“Indefinite curfew has been clamped in the areas in the jurisdiction of Dhekiajuli, Thelamara, Rangapara and Biswanath Chariali police stations,” Deputy Commissioner of Sonitpur district, Lalit Gogoi said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the killing of innocent people as an act of cowardice. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased,” he tweeted.

Modi said he spoke to Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. “Rajnath ji will travel to Assam and take stock of the situation,” he said. Singh said killing of innocent people for any cause can never be justified.

The Centre is monitoring the situation and the paramilitary forces have been rushed to the spot, he tweeted.

Singh said he spoke to Gogoi who apprised him of the situation. Centre will provide all assistance to the state, he added.

A spokesperson of Assam Police said 30 persons were gunned down in Sonitpur district alone, while four were killed in Kokrajhar this evening.

“In Sonitpur district, 30 people have been killed–24 were gunned down in Biswanath Chariali and six were killed in Dhekiajuli,” the spokesperson said.

In Kokrajhar district, four deaths have been confirmed at Pakhiriguri, while three more are suspected to have been killed at the interior place of Ultapani, he said. Police are yet to recover the bodies from Ultapani.

“All these people were killed in serial attacks by suspected militants of National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) (Songbijit),” the official said.

All those killed in Sonitpur attack were stated to be Adivasis, said Superintendent of Police Sanjukta Parasar.

A group of NDFB(S) militants with sophisticated arms fired at people in Sonajuli under Biswanath Chariali sub-division in Tinisuti near the Arunachal Pradesh border, she said.
In this attack, 24 persons were killed and six others injured, she said.

The incident site is located very near to the inter-state border between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Meanwhile, Manas National Park, a popular tourist spot inhabited by many tribals, has been closed for three days in the wake of killing by NDFB(S) terrorists today of at least 34 people in serial attacks in two districts of Assam.

“We have shut Manas National Park for three days.

There are lots of Adivasi and tribal people staying near the Park,” Baksa district Deputy Commissioner Vinod Seshan said.

Manas National Park, known for its rich natural beauty, primarily falls in Baksa district.

“Also, many tea gardens are located in the nearby area where thousands of people belonging to tea tribe resides,” Seshan said.