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Karan Patel confirms his relationship with Kamya Punjabi

Mumbai: The promo of BCL saw Karan getting jealous when Kamya mentions Rannvijay’s name. He then refers to Kamya as his girlfriend. A source says that even during the matches, the two behaved like a smitten couple who would be seen sticking together all the time.

It has even brought about a change in Kamya’s behaviour. The actress has always been outspoken and fierce. But ever since Karan and Kamya began dating, the leggy lass has had a complete makeover with respect to her attitude and nature. In a match against Baabu Moshayes, seeing her so docile, Andy couldn’t control himself and burst out saying ‘Who is this?

This is not Kamya Panjabi..she is an imposter’ leaving everyone in splits. Apparently, Kamya – who is the owner of the Jaipur Raj Joshilays agrees to everything and anything Karan says. In fact, Rajeev Thakur (the other owner) and Karan chose the teammates, decided the look, costume and everything about the team – and Kamya just nodded in agreement.

Well love does change people, but taming Kamya Punjabi must have been one hell of a task for Karan. What say?

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