Trade unions call for taxi strike in Kolkata

Kolkata(PTI): Trade unions in Kolkata on Friday called for a 24-hour taxi strike over demands for a revised fare structure and improved working conditions.

“We are supporting the strike just because of the atrocities of the police. The way circumstances are prevailing here, a time will come when there will not be any taxis plying on the roads of Kolkata,” Vijay Kumar, a taxi driver told ANI.

“If we drop a passenger at the Howrah bus stop then we are fined for it. Then a case is file for which there is no hearing. The main issue with the police is that they do not provide us with a proper case number,” Shyamsunder Mahanto, another taxi driver added.

Meanwhile, daily commuters bore the brunt of the strike, forced to seek other modes of transportation.

“I have to attend a meeting and I am already late. Since the taxis are on strike we are using other modes [of transportation]. If this strike continues then it will create lot of problems,” said Chinmay, a passenger.

Friday’s strike is the tenth to occur in the West Bengal capital since August this year.