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This is not jihad: Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt

Mumbai,Subhash K Jha(DNA): The filmmaker who maintains close cultural links with Pakistan feels the country’s morale has hit an all-time low with the savage killing of children in Peshawar on Tuesday

This is not jihad: Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt is a very troubled man. Half-Muslim (his mother was a Muslim) Bhatt feels what Rabindranath Tagore had once expressed. “Tagore once had a profound conversation with a Bedoin tribesman whom he met in an Iraq desert encampment. The Bedoin told him that the Holy Prophet described a true Muslim as someone whose words and deeds do not harm any person in any way, and here we have brother killing brother! Why is it that only a believer kills and not a non-believer? It’s very strange thing.”

The filmmaker is appalled by the line of thought that suggests that the attack in Peshawar was expected. “That narrative of ‘You guys had it coming’ is appalling and brutal,” he says comparing the terror attack in Peshawar to the brutality of the Nazis. “Children have always been most vulnerable. Any civilisation that cannot take care of its women and children doesn’t deserve to be called a civilisation. There is no denying that the State Leader in Pakistan is powerless. If you go to Karachi you’ll see the man on the street is very confused as to who the enemy is. They’ve been brought up on the narrative that the man or woman across the border is the real enemy. Now they’re no longer sure of who the enemy is. The enemy, they feel, is among us.” He adds that it’s time Pakistan woke up to ground reality.

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