Indo-Russia cooperation in energy ‘promising’, says Russian President Putin

New Delhi, Dec. 11 (ANI): Calling cooperation in the energy sector between New Delhi and Moscow ‘promising’, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that both nations had signed an agreement outlining the strengthening of cooperation in the peaceful usage of atomic energy.

“The energy field is a promising field. With the help of Russia and according to the schedule, the nuclear power plant Kalpakkam has been constructed. The first unit has been commissioned and very soon we intend to get down constructing the second series of units. Just now we have signed a very important document for strengthening Russia-India cooperation in the peaceful usage of atomic energy,” President Putin told the media after talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“[The agreement] outlines the plans to construct in India more than 20 nuclear power units and to cooperate and constructing nuclear power plants, with third countries to work together, to mine for Uranium to produce nuclear fuel and to handle nuclear waste. This creates the groundwork for a long standing and truly mutually beneficial cooperation in the India atomic field, where we have reached a new level of cooperation. This is not about trade or the services of goods, this is the creation of a new industrial branch,” he added.

Speaking of oil, President Putin stated that Russian firms Rosneft and Gazprom are set to work with Indian firms in the Arctic shelf.

“As far as the oil and gas industry is concerned, our largest companies will work with our Indian partners on projects to explore the Russian Arctic Shelf,” he said.

President Putin further welcomed Indian corporations to participate in the creation of industrial parks in Russia, also offering New Delhi the opportunity to procure civil aviation aircrafts manufactured by his nation.

“In the state of Gujarat, the civil holding company will facilitate the launch of one of the world’s largest plants of producing butyl rubber. We, from our side, are also ready to help Indian companies participate in creating industrial parks in the territory of Russia and the development of pharmaceuticals, the production of fertilizers and the coal industry and offer our Indian partners to procure our civil aviation aircrafts for the peaceful use of outer space and are willing to cooperate in the development of low orbit space craft and the use of low mass navigation system,” he said. (ANI)