Public Premises Amendment Bill presented in Lower House of Parliament Lok Sabha

New Delhi(PTI): In order to evict unauthorised occupants from public premises, Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu introduced a bill in Lok Sabha on Thursday to deal with the problem effectively.

The Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants) Amendment Bill, 2014 redefines public premises to include companies in which at least 51% of the paid-up share capital is held by the central and state governments, and which carries on the business of metro railway.

According to a senior Urban Development Ministry official, the DMRC had requested that metro properties be declared as public premises by amending the Public Premises Act 1971 and to confer powers of Estate Officers on officers of DMRC to be appointed by the Centre for dealing with the problem of eviction in a more expeditious manner.

The Bill proposes to amend the Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants) Act, 1971.