Bollywood Celebrities look back at their year on twitter along with PM Modi

Mumbai: While Narendra Modi’s ‘victory’ Tweet was the Golden Tweet of 2014, there were lots of other moments on Twitter worth a look back.

The screen shot of the twitter perspectives page showing the top accounts for 2014

As a part of the #YearOnTwitter look back cricketing icon Sachin Tendulkar, Indian film superstars Amitabh Bachchan andShah Rukh Khan have put together a list of their favourite tweets from 2014.

Their ‘Perspectives’ (this what twitter is calling the compilation) here , talks about their top Tweets and #5ToFollow, recommendations of five accounts users can follow.

On the ‘Moments’ page twitter has compiled top hashtags of the year 2014 till date and users can see tweets related to these tags by clicking on multi sized bubbles on the scrollable canvas.

The idea behind this curated canvas is succinctly put on the header, it reads “Explore the moments that made this year memorable. From single Tweets that captured our imagination to hash tags that sparked global conversations, if it happened in 2014, it happened on Twitter.”

Users can also pick and chose what type of tweets they’d like to view by clicking on the ‘Moments’ tab and running down a list of themes. The options include All Moments which is a collection of twitter-compiled top tweets, News and Politics, Entertainment, Sports andIndia.

The ‘Moments’ page

Apart from Tendulkar, Bachchan and Khan which were obvious top trending accounts in India, ‘Perspectives’ of billboard sensation Lady Gaga, best selling author and creator of the Harry Potter series JK Rowling and brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. also make the list.

PM Narendra Modi’s tweet that received 71K retweets.

Links for their individual ‘Perspectives’ on the #YearOnTwitter website can be found here.