Are jihadi terrorists being trained not in madrasas but BJP leader’s house?

Guwahati, Nilim Dutta: Recently, after the Burdwan blast in West Bengal NIA released a list of ‘most wanted’ jihadi terrorists. Among those was Shahnur Alom of Barpeta district of Assam. Needless to say that the BJP, RSS, VHP and all the right wing Hindutva agencies as well as the chauvinist Axomiya (Assamese) forces immediately began crying themselves hoarse as to how Assam has become the hotbed for jihadi terrorism, without of course a shred of evidence to offer, as usual.

Are jihadi terrorists being trained not in madrasas but BJP leader’s house?

Shahnur Alom and his wife Sujena Begum, along with their two little children apparently went into hiding. If media reports were to be believed, they had already slipped into Bangladesh.

According to the media reports, Sujena Begum had trained as a ‘jihadi’ in Simulia madrasa and then turned Shahnur, her husband, into one. In the last few years, they had apparently been recruiting and training jihadi terrorists in Assam.
Then the stories started unravelling.

Sujena was arrested not in Bangladesh, but in Guwahati. It is now becoming increasingly clear that she had actually surrendered to the police and wasn’t exactly absconding at all. Similarly, Shahnur was arrested in Nalbari district barely 50 Km away from Guwahati.

What has now leaked out, contrary to Sujena Begum being trained as jihadi elsewhere, that she has lived and grown up in Guwahati in the farmhouse of BJP leader, spokesperson and eminent advocate Bijon Mahajan where her father is the caretaker. When the NIA had revealed Shahnur’s name in the ‘most wanted’ list, she had come and stayed with her father in Mahajan’s property till she surrendered.
Mahajan also apparently facilitated Shanur’s surrender.

Through all this, the prominent BJP leader didn’t utter a word. Imagine Shanur Alom or Sujena Begum being given shelter by Dr. Hiren Gohain.
Why are BJP, RSS, VHP, AASU and all the patriots now NOT protesting outside Mahajan’s house, burning his effigy or demanding his arrest?

Editor’s Note: Nilim Dutta is executive director of the Strategic Research and Analysis Organisation, Guwahati. All views expressed in this article are his own and those don’t reveals the views of publication.