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Inflating box office figures is childish, says ‘PK’ actor Aamir Khan

Mumbai: Off late, a lot has been written about how box office figures are tempered these days. In fact, last year Hrithik Roshan issued a statement to clear the air about the box office collection of his film Krrish 3 which were said to be inflated.

Inflating box office figures is childish, says ‘PK’ actor Aamir Khan

However, Aamir Khan has never faced this issue nor has he come under the media scrutiny for giving out fudged figures. And that’s because he is strictly against this practice. At a recent media interaction, the PK hero said, “It’s childish (laughs). I think that for some reason various people in the film industry feel that by inflating their figures they would convince people.”

He further added, “Also, now a days you get to buy editorial in number of newspapers which is extremely unfortunate. So what happens is that I can buy editorial and say, ‘Mera itna dhanda hua ya utna hua hai.’ But its meaningless because when you go home you know how much business the film has done. Even the industry knows exactly how much each film has done. So the market knows, you can’t fool the market. You can try and fool people but how many times will you fool people also. Ultimately you are just fooling yourself.”

Aamir, who is currently busy promoting his film PK co-starring Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt, Sushant Singh Rajput and Boman Irani, went on to say, “I would really welcome if we had something like Rentrak coming to India. Like in the US you have Rentrak which charts the numbers and puts it on net like a live update. So I am hoping that comes to India. I would really welcome that because I am one of the people who strictly doesn’t give out figures which are inflated.”

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