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Gurgaon rape case: Why Uber’s ‘security measures’ are not foolproof

Gurgaon: The news of alleged rape of 25-year-old woman professional by an Uber cab driver in Gurgaon has shattered the sense of security that users feel while using such services.

Gurgaon rape case: Why Uber’s ‘security measures’ are not foolproof

In a statement, Uber continues to claim that providing safety to their users is their prime objective, “Safety is Uber’s highest priority and we take situations like this very seriously”. But as the heinous incident has shown, there are gaping holes to the radio cab company’s claims.

In fact one of the key marketing pitch that radio cab services such as Uber etc use is that they the users are assured of safety while using their cabs.

The recent incident shows just how much the so called safety measures of Uber is not foolproof.

Uber claims that they use GPS to track the cab. The users too know the whereabouts of their ride while waiting for it to arrive.

But Uber doesn’t own the cabs in its fleet and doesn’t ensure that the vehicles have GPS installed. Thus they only keep a tab on the cabs’ movement through the GPS on the drivers phone and the Uber app.

Thus, all the drivers have to do to go disappear from their system is just deleting the app or switch the phone off. The accused in the Gurgaon rape case had gone off the radar by turning his phone off.

Uber also said in its statement, “In India, we work with licensed driver-partners to provide a safe transportation option, with layers of safeguards such as driver and vehicle information, and ETA-sharing to ensure there is accountability and traceability of all trips that occur on the Uber platform”.

Uber users can see the name, photo and phone number of the driver when booking a cab. However, in this case, the driver’s phone was not registered in his name making it harder to trace him.

Uber has thus massively failed its users by falsely making them believe that its services can be trusted and sadly it has taken this horrifying incident to puncture its talls claims

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