Congress releases booklet on BJP’s poll promises, says it has taken 25 U-turns in last 180 days

New Delhi: The Congress party on Monday launched a scathing attack on the BJP-led government by releasing a booklet highlighting the party’s U-turns on promises made during the polls.

Congress releases booklet on BJP’s poll promises, says it has taken 25 U-turns in last 180 days

Congress leader Ajay Maken said, “The Government has taken 25 U-turns in the last 180 days. We want to inform the public through this book on the BJP government completing 6 months. The government made tall promises to the people but then did not deliver them.”

Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement about a land swapping deal with Bangladesh to stop infiltration, Maken said, “BJP has always opposed the Bangladeshi influx issue when the Congress was in power, but now they have taken a U-turn on the same issue. It seems that the BJP only wanted to politicise the Bangladesh issue. We want Arun Jaitley to answer this.”

Raising the issue of black money, Maken added, “As promised before the elections, no black money has been brought back from Swiss banks. We are also waiting for the time when Rs 15 lakh will be credited to our accounts, as was said by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

Stating that they were a responsible opposition and would question the government in the interest of the public, Maken said, “When Narendra Modi was sitting on a swing with Chinese Premier Xi Jinping, the Chinese army was entering in the Chumar region. So far, 17 civilians have been killed in cross border firing and 11 jawans martyred. Army officials say cross border issues have escalated to this level after 1971.”

Congress also targeted BJP over Article 370, saying BJP is seen giving different statements on the issue.

Reacting to Narendra Modi’s statement in Nagaland that no Prime Minister had visited the region in the last 10 years, the Congress criticised Modi saying Dr Manmohan Singh had visited Nagaland on February 8, 2010.

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