Home Minister Rajnath Singh invents new Jehadi terror Organization Qaidtul Jihad

Guwahati: Addressing a national security conference in Guwahati on Saturday, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that we can’t take Al-Qaeda’s threat of turning India into an Islamic country lightly and should consider it a challenge.He also disclose a new organization’s name as Qidatul Jihad is going to be active in South Asia.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh invents new Jehadi terror Organization Qaidtul Jihad

Rajnath Singh said, “There might be many terrorist organisations in the world but we will not allow them to get a foothold in our country. On the basis of the capability of the security forces, I can say that we are ready to face any kind of challenge. We are concerned about the youngsters who are getting drawn to Islamic States. There are some misguided youth who are getting attracted to join organisations like the ISIS.

Mentioning the attack in Arnia sector Home Minister said, “Pakistan claims non state actors are behind such incidents(of terrorism), I ask is ISI also non-state actor?”

Singh further added, “The role of our police forces and the intelligence agencies has been crucial in ensuring security to our people. A terrorist network has been exposed in West Bengal and WB police and NIA are playing an important role in exposing the network.”

Singh also expressed concern over growing use of cyber space by anti-national and anti-social forces and said steps should be taken to monitor cyberspace.

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More interestingly Rajnath Singh has refused to reply on Operation All clear and missing ULFA leaders and their family members as it is mentioned that Operation All Clear was carried previously NDA government against ULFA terror outfit.