Children’s Day special Free Window’s Phone apps for your kids

Microsoft has released a slew of new apps in it’s Windows Phone store today, in celebration of Children’s Day. Geared towards letting your kids have productive fun with your phone, all the apps have been released for absolutely free.

Apps, Microsoft, WIndows Phone, Free, Children's Day
Kids Story Builder
This app helps kids create a personalised story using photos and videos taken with the phones camera. Give the little ones a little freedom, let them snap a few pictures of their choosing and let their imagination run wild. And you can, of course, save each story to play back later, and transfer them to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud to share with family. 
Apps, Microsoft, WIndows Phone, Free, Children's Day
Block Puzzle
Block Puzzle is a fun puzzle and trivia game – a cross between Tetris and Tangrams. The rules of the game are simple; drop blocks around the screen to fit them into the shaded area in the middle ofthe screen. The game starts out simple but gets progressively harder the more you play. A fun brain teaser for the kids to try. 

Apps, Microsoft, WIndows Phone, Free, Children's Day
Paint is Microsoft’s well-aged image editor, and allows you to edit existing images or draw your own. As basic an editor as it gets, Paint is very child-friendly app (and let’s admit it, we’d mess aroudnd with it too).

Apps, Microsoft, WIndows Phone, Free, Children's Day
Ludo is the classic board game where up to four players race four tokens each around the board. Hit other players to turn their tokens in, and reach the goal before the others do. We played this as children ourselves, so why not introduce the little tykes to it?