Hilarious Pak video reveals Ajit Doval as global terrorist and criminal mastermind

New Delhi: Move aside Islamic State. al-Qaeda who? There is a new global terror threat in town. And his name is… Ajit Doval.
“A global terrorist rising again…” So begins an (unintentionally) hilarious new video posted on the Daily Motion site by a Pakistani user going by the name of Realityofmedia, Doval is a mastermind of evil who has but one mission in mind: unleashing nuclear holocaust in South Asia (Or one presumes so given the number of mushroom clouds in the video here).

Hilarious Pak video reveals Ajit Doval as global terrorist and criminal mastermind


“This world is having one of its biggest worries steadily building up steadily in India. That is because this man Ajit Kumar Doval. Or maybe he should be called Ajit Devil”, warns the video which comes complete with an ominous soundtrack, enthusiastic use of close up shots, subtitles in English and Urdu and footage that has very little to do with the script.

When talking about Iraq for instance, the video focuses on an image of the Eiffel tower. And scattered generously throughout, are clips from Bollywood and Indian regional cinema. So expect to see Malayalam star Prithviraj making a cameo, busily waterboarding a hapless prisoner even as the voice over pointedly notes that Doval started his career as a police officer.
But we digress. The urgent mission of this video not to detail Doval’s resume but to reveal the REAL truth about Doval’s dastardly deeds.

According to the narrator, Doval’s list of crimes is as impressive as they are endless. Here are some highlights of what the video calls his ‘heinous career’:

  1. He is building up terror networks which include uniting the Pakistan Taliban (TTP) and Daesh (Islamic State) militants because although “Building up terrorist outfit is a difficult task worldwide. This difficulty for Doval is anything but”
  2. He stage-managed the 1999 hostage crisis and fooled the world into thinking that it was the Pakistani mujahideen who hijacked that Indian Airlines flight.
  3. He formed the Chota Rajan gang.
  4. He engineered the 2008 Tibet riots
  5. The 1993 siege of Hazratbal mosque in Kashmir, described as the “high point of his heinous career”
  6. He planned the kidnapping of foreigners in Kashmir in 1995.
  7. And, of course, he was responsible for the 2002 Godhra riots.

Gee, Dr No is feeling jealous right about now. And that brings us to the really big question: Why in the world is Doval, sorry Devil, an underpaid Indian bureacrat. Now that is the most shocking fact of all. Video here