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Delhi Election ahead: Dead pig found in mosque, Okhla shows restraint

NEW DELHI, Maria Akram,(TNN ): Okhla was tense on Wednesday morning after a slaughtered pig was found inside a mosque. However, showing restraint and maturity Muslim residents of the area prevented the anger from spilling into the streets. Aware that communal tension in Trilokpuri had sparked a riot hardly a fortnight ago, and Bawana had been on the edge just a day earlier, they formed a 20-member aman (peace) committee with 10 Muslims and Hindus each to tackle the situation.

Delhi Election ahead: Dead pig found in mosque, Okhla shows restraint

“In the morning, a slaughtered pig was found in the mosque near the JJ cluster. There was outrage among the people but it was decided to let police deal with the issue,” said Amanatullah, a resident of Okhla. Hindus and Muslims together filed a complaint with police.

The peace committee also asked police to keep a tight vigil at all religious places in the area. “What happened in Trilokpuri was very unfortunate and then there was the mahapanchayat at Bawana. It seems the riots were engineered and it is easy to spark a riot in a sensitive area like Okhla,” Amanatullah said.

Hindus from neighbouring Madanpur Khadar praised the residents for remaining calm. “Both Hindus and Muslims are living in peace, and to maintain harmony it is important to constitute an aman committee for the Okhla area. The way communal passions are being stirred in Delhi, such committees will be needed in every part of the city,” said Karan Bidhuri of Madanpur Khadar.

However, there have been no arrests and police are still investigating. Earlier, instances of desecrating the Quran were reported. “It seems some group is trying to provoke riots in the area. The aman committee will look into any matter involving both communities, be it holding jagrans or taking out processions, and ensure they take place peacefully,” said Amanatullah.

A peace committee was also formed in Trilokpuri after the riots and it played a crucial role in maintaining peace during a jagran and on Muharram.

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