Chinese police nab thousands of suspected drug dealers

Beijing, Nov 3 – Chinese police solved 10,427 drug-related crime cases and apprehended close to 13,000 suspected drug dealers in an anti-drug campaign in October, the ministry of public security said in a statement Sunday.

Chinese police nab thousands of suspected drug dealers

The police also confiscated several different drugs totalling 9,140 kgs, Xinhua reported.

China is witnessing a rise of drug use and drug-related crimes, said Public Security Assistant Minister and Drug Control Bureau Chief Liu Yuejin, adding more than a dozen provinces have reported major drug-related crimes that caused deaths in 2014.

According to the statement, the campaign found a total of 55,981 drug users, a 52.45 percent surge compared with the same period last year, among whom 28,288 were new drug users.

In hunting down drug manufacturing, the police busted 72 drug-making dens and meth labs and seized 8,225 kgs of drug production materials.

The police also ramped watch over drug trafficking via the internet. In one case, the police nabbed 10 drug dealers and confiscated more than 326,000 tablets of tramadol hydrochloride, a medicine that can be sought by drug abusers and people with addiction disorders.