Indian Government spent Rs 43.8 lakh on ONE Clean Ganga meeting

New Delhi(Dailymail): Hindu nationalist Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of cleaning up the Ganga has so far resulted in the expenditure of lakhs of rupees on meetings and discussions.

Government spent Rs 43.8 lakh on ONE Clean Ganga meeting

In a reply to a request for information under the RTI Act by Gopal Prasad, the government has stated that Rs 43.85 lakh has been spent on a meeting of the National Mission for Clean Ganga at Vigyan Bhawan in the Capital.

PM Modi has made it his mission to clean up the polluted River Ganga
The reply has revealed shocking figures on the expenditure. The amount spent on meetings and accommodation of guests coming for the meeting was close to Rs 26.7 lakh, while the money spent on officials’ travel was Rs 8.8 lakh.

Similarly, the amount spent on advertising the event was Rs 5.1 lakh.
Interestingly, the government spent Rs 75,000 on floral decorations while other arrangements accounted for Rs 2.3 lakh.
Since measures taken till now had been inadequate and a national effort was required to mobilise resources for cleaning the holy river, the BJP-led government announced the setting up of an Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission called ‘Namami Gange’ and an initial sum of Rs 2,037 crore was allocated in the Union Budget for 2014-15.