Abhishek Bachchan excited about ongoing ISL

Abhishek Bachchan who owns the Indian Super League (ISL)’s Chennaiyin team will be taking two full months off after the release of Happy New Year to devote time to nurturing his team.

Abhishek Bachchan excited about ongoing ISL

The actor confirms, “The ISL is at a very crucial juncture and my team needs to be taken further. We had our inaugural game in Kolkata which is like the nerve-centre of football in India. To see the Kolkata team play was an experience to cherish. We played a match in Goa on October 15 and we won! To see the two bastions of Indian football – Goa and Kolkata – play matches was so heartening. I hope the other teams get the same support that these two have from their fans.”

Abhishek now wants to consolidate his football team’s position.

“Yes, after Happy New Year releases on 24 October I will be working on my football till the end of the year. So that’s going to be my only project till the end of this year Whatever I do I like to give my full concentration. So I don’t want to treat football like a fly-by-night operation. So I’ll be dedicating my next two months to football,” reveals Abhishek.

He adds that the team needs his attention. “I’m a team owner who likes to be involved with the game . I like to travel with my team. It boosts their morale.”