Kangana Ranaut: People are jealous of my ability to debate on almost any topic

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday took to Twitter to boast about her ability to debate on any given topic and “penetrate like X-ray into any subject.”

The Thalaivi actor tweeted, “Lot of people are jealous of my ability to debate on almost any topic how I peel psychological layers of my opponents and penetrate like X ray in to any subject. Don’t be jealous or angry try and sharpen your intellect and really truly invest yourself in your surroundings.”

The tweet comes a few hours after she opposed actor-politician Kamal Haasan’s idea of recognising the work of homemakers and making it a salaried profession.
She replied to Shashi Tharoor’s tweet in support of Haasan’s idea. The politician had posted on Twitter, “I welcome @ikamalhaasan’s idea of recognising housework as a salaried profession, w/the state govt paying a monthly wage to homemakers. This will recognise & monetise the services of women homemakers in society, enhance their power & autonomy & create near-universal basic income.”

In her response, Kangana Ranaut argued that women do not need money for being the ‘queen’ of their homes. Instead, she suggested, “Surrender to your woman she needs all of you not just your love/respect/salary.”

She tweeted, “Don’t put a price tag on sex we have with our love, don’t pay us for mothering our own, we don’t need salary for being the Queens of our own little kingdom our home, stop seeing everything as business.”

Kamal Haasan, during his campaign trail in northern Tamil Nadu in December 2020, assured ‘payment’ to homemakers for their work at home. He had said, “Women will break through established glass ceilings by the equal opportunities provided to them by our MNM government.”