Taapsee Pannu hits back at Kangana Ranaut: ‘Someone is concerned about our bills, so much respect for our B grade struggle’

Taapsee Pannu has given a shout-out to fellow industry colleagues Richa Chadha and Swara Bhasker after Kangana Ranaut claimed in her latest interview that the three actors do not support her because they “have bills to pay”. Taapsee took to Twitter late Sunday to react to Kangana’s statements and take a jibe at the “kind compassionate industry”.

Taapsee wrote, “Hi @RichaChadha @ReallySwara someone is really concerned about our bills n our EMIs. Such a kind compassionate industry. So much respect for our ‘B grade’ struggle.”

After Taapsee and others lashed out at her for being called “B-grade actresses”, Kangana told Pinkvilla in an interview, “It is so sad. I do not know what to say because I have been in their place. People who come from outside, I have said it in my earlier interviews as well, we [outsiders] do not have the comfort of our parents’ houses. I am not Anil Kapoor or Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter. Or when you talk about Swara Bhasker, Taapsee Pannu or Richa Chadha, I understand they have bills to pay for their house; everybody is not and doesn’t want to live the kind of life I aspire. So, I do understand where they’re coming from and there are a lot of pressures.”

Taapsee also reacted to Kangana calling her and Swara “chaaploos (sycophant)” and claiming to have paved a way for them in Bollywood. Sharing a clip from her recent television interview on Twitter, Taapsee wrote, “Now im getting confused. So is my existence coz of nepotism as mentioned earlier by her or coz of her. I need clarity coz I wanna be clear who I am grateful to “ a needy outsider wants to know!”

She again replied to a tweet about Kangana’s “B-grade actresses” remark about her. She wrote, “Wow! That’s a compliment. If I could match Alia’s action I think I did well. And if we come for further classes do we just stick to acting or we have to learn the compassion also?”

Taapsee also replied to a troll with a screenshot of Kangana’s reaction to Jiah Khan’s death. Kangana had told Indian Express, “Depression is a disease which should be treated like one. When a person chooses to take a step like that it is irrelevant what made them do it.” Comparing it to Kangana’s reaction on Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case, Taapsee wrote, “Get the inquiry started, request the police , CBI , FBI and every agency that can help unearth the truth. Also along side help us all unearth how the logic behind suicide, depression and the reason behind that changes when it’s Jia Khan to when it is SSR.”