Kerala man becomes the lone passenger onboard a Frankfurt-Singapore flight

Prathap Pillai, a native of Allapuzha in the coastal state of Kerala had an experience that most of us have dreamt of. On June 14, Pillai took a flight from Frankfurt to Singapore on which he was the only passenger to travel.

The pandemic and the unanticipated sequence of events that followed has left many with unique travel experiences and Pillai is one such man.

Pillai, who works in the maritime industry, had travelled from Singapore to  Hamburg, Germany, for work ahead of the lockdown.

Representative image (REUTERS/Randall Hill)

However, he got stranded there due to the lockdown, and remained in the city for three months, as per a report by the Manorama.

He could have chosen to return to India on one of the Vande Bharat flights in early June. But the Vande Bharat flight was till New Delhi and Pillai wanted to return to Alappuzha in Kerala where his wife works as a doctor.

Pillai also said that the journey from the national capital to Kerala was one he wasn’t keen on undertaking due to the risks involved.

He then decided to take a regular flight from Frankfurt to Singapore instead.

And that is when the big surprise hit him.

On boarding the flight, he realised that all others who were supposed to have been his co-passengers had cancelled their tickets.

The man hence ended up being the lone passenger on the flight, with 10 crew members flying along with him.

As per the report he said that it was an “unforgettable experience” and that he did not have to worry much for social distancing norms either as he was the only passenger onboard.